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  • 56-bit internal processing
    3 Band Sweeping Equalizer's
    8 Channel, 24 bit A to D Converters
    8 Channel, 24 bit D to A Converter's 
    Pro Studio High Quality Lexicon FX Unit's gives you Limiter's, Compressor's and Lexicon Gates on all channel's!  
    48 Volt Phantom Power
    One TimeCode: Reader and Generator!  
    One Built in Digital PatchBay!  
    One MIDI Data Librarian!
    One 32 Channel, Midi Controller!  
    16 motorized channel faders!
    16 analog insert points with optional Direct Out's!
    16 UltraMic Plus Pre-amps of high Studio Quality on all 16 channels!
    5 sets of Stereo Inputs feeding two stereo input channels!
    2 sets of 2-track inputs!
    4 analog auxiliary sends!
    Time-code synchronization!
    2 x 8 track inputs Alesis ADAT optical format !
    2 x 8 track outputs Alesis ADAT optical format !
    2 x 8 track inputs TDIF !
    2 x 8 track outputs TDIF !
    1 x 8 track variable outputs Alesis ADAT optical format !
    1 AES input, and 1 AES output on XLR !
    1 S/PDIF input & output on RCA !
    2 MIDI In, ...MIDI Out, ….MIDI Thru !
    Sample rate: 44.1kHz, and 48kHz !
    Word-clock input and output on BNC!
    1 SMPTE input on quarter-inch jack !
    Sony 9 pin for Machine Control !
    Cascade port on 26 way HD D-type connector !
    Use of stereo groups !
    Colorful LED buttons !
    Choice of Word-clock Mastering!The SoundCraft's New Digital "E-Strip” for all EQ...Located right above the 16 analog mic/line mono inputs !
    2 x 8 track inputs TDIF16 “rotary encoders"  for controll of 16 rotary encoders with High-end 16-bit, 20-bit, & 24 bit Conversion on A-to-D, and D-to-A with Pristine 128 Times Oversampling !
    Twin Lexicon Dynamics Processors for full range of control over Compressor's, Limiter's, and Gate's Pro-audio Sequencer's allow you dynamic automation of every mix parameter !
    Two internal Lexicon effects provides Studio Quality Reverb, Delay and many other effects !
    Saves your mix as "a snapshot" and Instant Session Recall !
    Moving fader automation !
    This unit Link's to a separate 328 for 32 Analog Channel's and you can connect your speakers, headphones, and other digital multi-track units, DAT recorders, samplers, microphones, and midi keyboards both unit's controlled by one mixer.

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