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The Elektron SidStation is a musical synthesizer sound module, built around the MOS Technology SID mixed-mode synthesizer chip originally used in the Commodore 64 home computer. It was produced by the Swedish synthesizer company Elektron, and was introduced in 1999. As the SID chip had not been manufactured for years, Elektron allegedly bought up nearly all the remaining stock.
The company built the SidStation until 2003, when their initial supply of SID chips ran out. The last 100 units sold, the Final 100 Edition, were laser etched with a number on the front panel's bottom-left corner and sold in descending order from 100 to 1. In March 2005, Elektron claimed to have encountered an additional supply of 100 SID chips and produced 100 SidStation units, selling them for € 920, USD 0, or SEK 8200 each.
In late 2006, Elektron claimed that "100 became 200", and the prices were raised once again. This marks the third time that an additional 100 chips were being produced, each time claiming to be the "final run". This (and the fact that some aftermarket clones of original SID chips exist) has raised skepticism as to how scarce the supply actually is, and which run is actually the final run. However, the presumably final SidStation shipped on January 18, 2007.
As SidStations are manufactured, the company keeps the price in relation to the demand, meaning that the initial SidStations were fairly cheap and later on when the device was more sought-after, the price increased.
The appearance of the SidStation is retro and features a small LCD-display where the sound editing is done, four assignable knobs, a keypad and a controller wheel.
  • MOS6581 SID-synthesis
  • Brushed aluminium casing
  • Alphanumeric backlit 2x16 LCD display
  • Midi 3*DIN5P In/Out/Thru
  • 1/4" line level audio out
  • 1/4" line level audio in (routed through SID-filter)
  • Dimensions: 240W x 70H x 200D [mm]
  • Powerful and user-friendly SidStation OS
  • Three oscillators , phase accumulation synthesis
  • All oscillators syncable (ringmodulation and synchronization)
  • Sweepable pulsewidth modulation
  • Resonant multi-mode analogue filter
  • Portamento, individual for all oscillators
  • Variable interval-independent portamento time
  • Unique wavetable function in form of 3-track mini-sequencer
  • Flexible 4-part LFO modulation system
  • Extensive MIDI support

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