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LAFONT LP23 Telephone simulator

LAFONT LP23 Telephone simulator
350.00 €

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The LP-23 Telephone Simulator is a specialized processor designed to simulate telephone, radio and intercom sound easily, without patching in a multitude of outboard devices. The telephone filter section is equipped with extended range High-pass and Low-pass filters and a balance control for adjustment between direct and filtered signal.
Band-pass filter with sweep frequency and a variable Q.
Boost control up to 15dB.
Distortion generator with variable harmonics.
Noise generator with dedicated filters.
Noise signal can be used alone to simulate wind effects.
Pink noise is running continuously .and is available on a separate jack socket for external process or sound level measurement purposes.
Voice-over circuit reduces noise level when speech signal is present.
Adjustable attenuation depth.
Gate threshold controlled by squelch potentiometer.
Independent in / out control on each function.
Output stage gain control to compensate for signal loss caused by narrow bandwidth.
Squelch circuit functions like a sharp noise gate cutting both signal & background noise.
Change-over switch toggles between telephone signal and direct clean signal.

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