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- Soundcraft’s ProMic ultra-low-noise mic preamp, with +60dBu input sensitivity,
is included on every channel.
- Every channel features a mic input, a line input, individually switched
phatom power, mic/line switch, phase reverse, and 100Hz Low-Cut Filter.
l- Multi-busing on every channel allows Direct Outs on each channel to also
be used as Group Outs, allowing you to send a signal from any channel to
any of 32 tape tracks (24 tape tracks with 24 channel Ghost).
- Powerful 4-band "British" EQ, featuring high/low shelving EQ and two fullyparametric
mid EQs, with continuously variable Q (bandwidth) control and
EQ In/Out switch.
- 6 mono (4 usable at once per channel) and 2 stereo auxiliary sends. Sends
1/2 are switchable as a pair between pre-fader and post-fader. Sends 3/4
can be routed as a pair to Sends 5/6.
- 100mm faders and inserts for channels, groups, and main L/R mix.
- Variable brightness Signal Present LED for each channel.
- Peak LED for each channel.
- Solo (either PFL or Solo-in-Place) for each channel.
- Mix B section on each channel features a line input, source select (tape or
channel), rotary fader, pan, PFL Solo, and automated/manual Mutes (Cut).
- Tape Input Trim pot for the Mix B line input.
- High/Low shelving EQ and Auxs 3/4 (5/6) may be switched into the Mix B
- Reverse switch allows you to route the channel input to the Mix B path and
the Mix B input to the channel path.
- 8 Group buses with AFL solo and routing to the L/R bus.
- 4 stereo effects returns, each with PFL Solo and routing to the L/R bus or
any of the group buses.
- 2 separate Studio Foldback monitoring sections with AFL Solo.
- Control Room monitoring section with headphone jack, mono check, provisions
for two stereo line inputs (DAT deck, two-track deck, CD player,
etc.), and two sets of control room monitors.
- A 2-frequency oscillator.
- Talkback section with built-in mic.
- 8 Aux Send Master pots with AFL Solo.
- Mix B Master pot with provision for routing Mix B to the L/R bus.
- PFL/AFL Trim pot with Solo LED and Solo-in-place switch with LED.
- 12-segment vertical peak LED meters for the 8 Groups and for the Control
Room/Solo outputs.
- By using the channel inputs, Mix B inputs, and 4 stereo FX returns at mixdown,
you have a total of 56 inputs from the 24 channel Ghost and a total
of 72 inputs from the 32 channel Ghost.

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