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EMW electronicmusicworks FIXED FILTER BANK

130.00 €

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The EMW Fixed Filter Bank adds color and different shades into the sounds. It contains 8 bandpass filters used to attenuate or accentuate frequencies throughout the audio range.This module can easily modify the waveforms produced by an oscillator, creating very interesting and dynamic variations. When the controls are djusted to accentuate the frequency range, resonances are produced, resulting in very unique sounds. This is an essential module to achieve more flexibility and exclusive timbres with your modular setup.

Eurorack (3U) form factor-10 HP width

8-channel fixed frequency audio filter

-10db to +10dB controI range

Two Input and two output connectors

Low noise circuit design

Power consumption +12V [12mA] / -12V [12mA]

Connectors 3.5mm

Weight 174g

Depth: 50mm

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